Mortgage Rates in Los Angeles, Southern California

Best Los Angeles Mortgage Rates PlanThe purchase of a home may be one of the single most important financial decisions you can make in your life. Especially if you are interested in property in Los Angeles, where the real estate market is challenging, and would be easier to navigate through if you had the guidance of professionals. This is where you can count on Elite One, professionals in Los Angeles Mortgage Rates, properties, and financing.

Whether you are seeking to purchase property for residential or commercial purposes, it is important for you to fully understand the real estate industry. By working with Elite One, you don’t have to do the hard work, since you can rely on our team any time of day to help you with all your real estate concerns. Under our loan umbrella, you can find various types of loans, all of which we’d love to sit down with you and discuss in order to find the one that suits your individual needs. Because of the various loans available, you can also be sure that with Elite One, there is no vested interest in pushing specific loan packages.

Los Angeles Mortgage Rates

Elite One is made up of professionals in the real estate and lending industry who understand how mortgages work, like the back of our hand! Dealing with property purchases don’t have to be as daunting as it seems. We can help you understand Los Angeles Mortgage Rates better than anyone else, and we have the local knowledge and experience needed to make the whole procedure seamless for you, not to mention the fact that we also offer the most competitive rates in the market!

Below, you can read about some of the kinds of loans we offer:

1.    Fixed Rate Mortgage, one of the preferred loan programs because it is one of the most stable around. It may be the Los Angeles Mortgage Rates plan of choice for those who intend to stay in their home for seven years or even more. Fixed rate mortgages have a steady interest rate that doesn’t change for the loan’s duration, no matter what the current market rate is.

2.    For those who intend to stay in their home for just a few years, the Adjustable Rate Mortgage plan is recommended. It is tied to a certain index and will adjust over time, with specific intervals which will have an effect on monthly payments. However, caps are placed on Adjustable Rate Mortgage plans which limit how high monthly rates increase.

3.    Reverse Mortgage is a Los Angeles Mortgage Rates plan suitable for the aging American population. Through this loan, seniors at least 62 years old and up can qualify if they are interested in turning home equity into cash, which will leave them more cash to pay for basic expenses as well as healthcare. Senior citizens can enjoy better peace of mind with this type of loan, since there are no monthly payments associated with it, and the borrower isn’t required to pay back the loan at least until it has been vacated or sold upon the borrower's death.  However, payments for taxes and insurance must be made.

There are many different types of Reverse Mortgage plans available, let us know if you are interested so we can sit down with you.

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