Mortgage Calculator

Interested in seeing what your monthly payment would be based on different interest rate scenarios? Use these calculators to help in the planning of your property purchase.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Our mortgage calculator is a great place to start if you are considering buying a home in Southern California. The mortgage calculator will help you identify not only the best type of mortgage for you and your family, but the ideal payment and the amount that you can afford on a monthly basis. Additionally, the mortgage calculator is great for helping you decide on the down payment of your home and potentially the type of down payment assistance that you may need.

Rent vs. Buy

You can use the calculator to produce an amortization schedule that you can follow. Understanding the principles of your mortgage will help you to realize the extent of your payments and the balances that you will owe. It will also be beneficial in helping you to understand how much of a down payment will be required to put down to purchase your home.

Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

The mortgage calculator can be used to help you understand how much you will need to save to pay taxes associated with your home. Understanding property taxes and preparing for them will be a great way to make sure that they do not surprise you at the end of the year. That way you can budget accordingly and be better informed regarding the tax payment you will have to make.